The Prepaid Card is the ultimate way to get money on your trips abroad.

Cards available in the currencies: US Dollars, Canadian and Australian Dollar, Euro, British Pound and the Argentine Peso.

When purchasing a Prepaid Card, you will have the following advantages:

No risk of exchange variation against the rise of foreign currency;
Visa acceptance network, present in over 200 countries and territories *;
Accepted in various locations to make your purchases and withdrawals at ATMs affiliated to the Visa / Plus network;
Purchases and withdrawals are made in the local currency of the country where you are;
Availability of additional cards;
First** free replacement at the place where you request;
Distance recharge***. Relax in your trip;
Guaranteed repurchase balance at the distributor where the card was purchased at market value. Check the process with your dealer;
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Incidence of 6.38% IOF (Tax on Financial Operations) for loading and reloading the card.

*In countries where US political and/or economic penalties are applied, the card acceptance is restricted. If necessary, consult your dealer before purchasing.
**From the second replacement abroad, there will be a shipping cost that can be found in the section Bank Fees of the website, charged directly from the available card balance.
***Consult the distributor regulation before traveling.

For further information and balance inquiries, please visit:, download the app for smartphones, or contact our call center 24 hours free.


Vision has all the valid currencies and the best market conditions.

Purchase and sale of currencies;
Rates and special conditions;
Delivery at no extra charge - see regions;
Security in transactions.
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The easiest and fastest way to send money from Brazil to other country and all the way back without a bank account!

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FIRST STEPSProvide ID number + proof of address and give the recipient personal data;
MONEY DESTINATIONChoose the country and place where the money will be withdrawn;
PAYMENTPay the bank bill. The payment can be made at lottery shops, banks or in cash at the brokerage house;
WITHDRAWNAfter payment, the money will be available to the beneficiary abroad at the customer's chosen location!

See conditions for other regions.

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