Consulting and Advisory

Competencies, Registrations and Regularizations for Legal Entity.

Electronic Declarations Register of Financial Operations and Foreign Direct Investment;
CADEMP and CNPJ registration for foreign and local companies;
Foreign exchange aspects of corporate, tax and other operations and restructuring involving foreign parties and / or investments;
Cesis is a great theme and this is a great dummy text fillerAssistance in corporate and foreign exchange audits;
Regularization of foreign capital registers and the conduct of administrative procedures by the Brazilian Central Bank;
Support to legal departments.

International transactions

Received from external resources and converted into your bank account in Brazil and sending instructions abroad to make payments.

Contact us for information on the required documents for your shipment.

Intermediating of operations

Experienced professionals;
Complete market advice;
Negotiation of better rates with banks;
Documentation analysis;
Online access through the database;
Agility and control of fees and operations;

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Administration, analysis and control of all operations of legal or physical persons to close purchase contracts with banks with full support and advice.

International shipments

Transactions up to US $ 100,000.00 (or equivalent in other currencies), made directly by Vision Exchange (deve mudar o nome da empresa? É Vision Câmbio) for the method of remittance for payment and / or receipt:

Legal person

Technical and specialized services;
International orders;
Dividends, royalties and loans;
Other financial commitments.

Physical person

Maintenance of students and residents;
Transfer of assets or equity;
Payments for courses, travel, purchases and reservations;
Services, consulates, fines and taxes;
Real estate, leasing;
Retirement, pensions and insurance;
Other financial commitments.


Assistance in all the previous stages until the total liquidation of the operation;
Analysis of registers and operations documents;
Monitoring the foreign exchange market for an operation to be carried out at the most favorable moment;
Differentiated and flexible conditions;
Direct communication of the client with Vision operation staff;
Foreign exchange operation’s history available to the online customer;
Delivery and withdrawal of documents.

Regulated and active institution in accordance with the rules of the Central Bank of Brazil and a member of ABRACAM – Brazilian Association of Foreign Exchange.

Clients exclusive access