Sistema Integrado de Comércio Exterior de Serviços, Intangíveis e Outras Operações que Produzam Variações no Patrimônio (Siscoserv)
SISCOSERV is a computerized system designed to the improvement of stimulus actions, formulation, monitoring and measurement of public policies related to services and intangibles as well as for the guidance of business strategies of foreign trade in services and intangibles. This system keeps accordance with the guidelines of the General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS) of the World Trade Organization (WTO), approved by Legislative Decree No. 30 of December 15, 1994, and promulgated by Decree No. 1.355 of December 30th, 1994. This SISCOSERV target audience are resident and domiciled in Brazil that perform marketing operations services, intangibles and other operations that produce changes in the assets of entities with residents or domiciled abroad, among which the export operations and import services.

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Complaints channel

Complaints may be registered on the Banco Central website, the Ombudsman channel of the Financial Institution and in the Consumer Protection agencies. O Central Bank of Brazil determines the period of 10 days to reply to the customer.

Consumer code

Safely Currency Acquisition.
The information below aim to instruct people to negotiate foreign currency safely, avoiding inconvenience and loss.

Lower risk 
Negotiate with authorized companies
Payment care
Trading proof
Tolerable delay
market rates

Higher Risk
Negotiate with any company
Payment to a third party (individual or legal entity)
NO trading proof
Long delays
Be wary of very low rates

Authorized firms: Research before buying, consult complaints sites, check through the Central Bank’s website Financial Institutions and authorized correspondents to operate in the foreign exchange market. Only negotiate with authorized companies.

Payment: Choose the delivery of the national currency by transfer between accounts or TED, avoid cash deposits at ATM. All payments must be made to the current account held by the financial institution or authorized correspondent..

Voucher: EXCHANGE TICKET, the document must be issued by the seller containing all the trading information, represents the guarantee of the origin of the purchase of foreign currency and the legality of the operation and may be required by the competent authorities in any inspections.

Delivery time: Research on complaints, as in any other segment, companies are subject to adverse events, however many claims are signs of trouble.

Price: Attention to low prices and unusual discounts, several factors influence the cost of the exchange rate, especially logistics and security. Our market is very competitive with no room for big discounts, rates far off pursued by competitors must be viewed with caution.

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Regulated and active institution in accordance with the rules of the Central Bank of Brazil and a member of ABRACAM – Brazilian Association of Foreign Exchange.

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